Astrology guidance

learn How To Use Astrology and discover a more meaningful life

for the seekers & self-lovers


discover a steadfast navigation system. 


You may feel confused about making decisions. Perhaps you want to find your own path and way, but don't know where to start. After leaving traditional thinking behind, I have been on this journey of understanding for 12 years and have never looked back.

While I don’t have the key to your answers, I will guide you back to yourself by using the timeless tool of the stars. We'll feel into your chart with equal parts science and magic. I'll provide a space for listening and opening, as I teach you the system of Astrology.

Ultimately, you'll take the leap into this body of knowledge as your own personal practice and I will support your self-discovery.

experience life in a new way and UNDERSTAND who you truly are.


not your average astrology reading

As a matter of fact, I don't do traditional astrology readings. Instead, we study together. I will ask questions and teach you the basics, so that you are fully equipped to handle the challenges of life with intuition and certainty. 


we all face challenges.

Maybe you're seeking guidance from everyone in your life and still don't feel the clarity that you seek.


astrology is just a map through time.

When we look at your chart, it becomes a compass, a guide to who you really are on the deepest level. 


together, we will find your course.

Study sessions with Melissa help you develop the tools you need to take this journey to your purpose. 

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