Jupiter In Sagittarius


Just after a new Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter goes home in its own sign Sagittarius today.

In the last 12 months, Jupiter in Scorpio was like “Don't mind me, I'll just be over here uncovering all the stuff you’ve been holding back and hiding.” Just laid it out like that. In a big way. It proved to be shocking and helpful by magnifying those Scorpio energies (the area of Scorpio in your chart.) I’ve personally observed those born late October through mid November (Scorpio sun signs) win, and win again this past year. Jupiter in a basic sense represents luck. It represents expansion. Even without Scorpio planets the house where Scorpio resides in the natal chart received an uncovering.

Jupiter in Sagittarius starts today. He is The Archer, and he aims high and far. This archetype is explorative and will take us to the next level of our discoveries. This movement is something to smile about. It’s something to have hope for. Sure, smile and have hope all the days... Yes of course! But this transit will be uplifting especially in comparison to where Jupiter just came from. Scorpio.

Scorpio represents the whole truth… and with Jupiter transiting there it all came to the surface. The taboo, ugly, darkness is not bad. It’s hidden. So Scorpio has the courage to look at it, and gets stuck there doing all the dirty work. Sagittarius is belief oriented and rises us out of the well of darkness onto a new horizon. The archer says “I believe.”

Sagittarius is fantastic at moving things. Optimism, beliefs and broad dreams come to the front lines now. For these are important to Jupiter and its home sign Sagittarius. The underside may look grandiose and dogmatic, even evangelical. That’s ok, the idea is always awareness with Astrology. Be willing to look at yourself when you stand on your soapbox. Is it expansive for others? Honest? Helpful? Where is this taking me? All great questions for Sagittarius self a inquiry.

This is a time to focus on You, in the biggest sense. What lights you up? Where do you want to travel and go from here? Who are you becoming and what are you learning? No thought and dream is too big for this work and for the biggest planet in our solar system. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a strong transit for self development. Sagittarius houses and placements will absolutely see growth in the next 12 months. All Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will get a dose of flow and opening this year.

We are going places with what we’ve uncovered. This already feels freeing to me.