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There are times when it seems our intuition fails us. When we try by doing the right thing, make the right choice, push for what we want, push away what we don’t want. There’s something missing in this quest to get it right. It is often over looked as being the weaker counterpart of the self. Society says a go-go-go mentality works much better in the “real world.” Sure getting out there and “doing it” is half of it. Possibly the more important topic for people who sit around and dream with nothing to show.


In matters of the heart and intuition, the missing link isn’t actually missing, it’s just blocked on behalf of the more dominate (doing). The resting and being patient part of the life experience is calling to come forward. The quiet opening and receiving is an important practice in hearing the whisper from within.

Astrologically speaking, there’s been a shift in the nodes of the moon. They’ve recently landed on the Leo and Aquarius axis. The message presented by the language of astrology reveals that this is a time when we will learn to be heart centered and motivated in our individual lives in order to lead and be of service to humanity.

It starts with you.

I’m here to tell you now that living in the heart is some hard shit to practice regularly. Placing busy-ness aside and looking within instead of looking outside yourself for remedies.. it goes against what we’ve been taught.

Being heart-led instead of heart deprived. Are you getting the message here?

I’ve made a small list to assist you on your heart journey. The journey to the heart starts by taking care of you. Maybe it starts by realizing you’re experiencing some deprivation. It is a process. Let’s work on giving ourselves the space we need to feel and recover.


Keep a journal

Write through the good and the bad. I’m telling you it works to do a daily deposit in a journal. Get it out and on paper because it will either keep rambling or something beautiful will be lost.


Take a salt bath

Salt and water cleanse us, figuratively and literally. It helps to reset all buttons and slow us down.


Play with kids

They know it all. They live in they’re hearts. Kids help so much, side note if you’re avoiding your kids, you might be avoiding your heart.



Outside preferably, but exercising however gets you feeling good and in the moment immediately.


Sleep more

Take a nap or go to bed early. If you wake up at weird hours like I do, write it out.


Eat whole foods

Instant medicine, feed yourself right.


Sit outside and breath deeply

We stop breathing, we start dying. It is so so powerful to just.. breath.


Sit and do nothing

Give yourself permission. Especially when your kids or family are watching.


Travel for fun

Going a different route takes the mind out of it. Changing the plan with a minutes notice is spontaneous, adventurous and heart-led.


The idea is to allow yourself to “do” nothing, and instead, just be. It’s where and how we receive. By the way, other people in their own busy-ness might hate doing these things or hate watching you do them. Honor yourself and show them the way.

If the dishes aren’t done or the job isn’t finished but you are dying on the inside, then what’s the use? Reminder: a lot is planted and nurtured in the silence. It is how all things grow and are birthed.


Here’s my recent example of how I’ve given my heart some space to feel.

husband: “So what did you do all day?

Me: “Sat under that tree over there, wrote in my journal. Went on a walk, took a nap then soaked in a salt bath.”

husband: “That sounds like a movie. Must be nice.”

It seems funny to him or to those watching. Maybe it looks like nothing is being accomplished. Maybe they’re being called to do the same thing but haven’t quite found safety in it. The doing is important but when the intuition or heart is the guide, the doing falls perfectly in place.

Take a day, or a few minutes everyday, to be with your heart. In the big picture, it will serve us all.

April 28, 2017  In FamilyFoodTruth  By melissalago


Story time.

I used to question saying the blessing before family meals. I’d be like.. “So does the food taste better after you bless it?” I’m certain my curiosity was not well received. Then, I’m a genius. Let’s take a bite before, and then take a bite after, we can find out.” I had a hunch that some of my family didn’t know what to do with my questions. Underneath my innocence there was a questionable matter on my mind.

Why do we pray? What good does it do? How does this work? I’d been told to do it. Expected to do it. Made to do it.


Prayer is a Conversation. I see it happen two ways:

Begging, pretty-pleasing or pleading for something that’s considered needed or wanted. “Please help, please please.. Give me this chance, break or miracle. I’m sorry, so sorry.” This feels like an unworthy powerlessness. Energetically, it’s contradictory to the goal. And when we do it because “It’s the right thing” It holds an energy of rigidness. A feeling of lost significance.

Where in the hell did we learn that from?


Another way:

Speaking confidently. Sharing your thoughts, from the heart. Gratitude and hopes, fears and doubts all come to the surface. There’s an inner knowing that you’re good and worthy of any possibility. Energetically, this is where prayer is activated. 

You’re in your power now.


Prayer is an art of aligning and receiving.

Sometimes there’s no need to speak. You can be driving, walking, looking at the clouds, crying, showering, cleaning, exercising, writing, sitting in the dark, or on your knees. This is a relationship, a conversation and a practice of being Present. It feels good. It’s doable. And it’s done on your own time. Let’s open our eyes, to be intentional when we approach conversation. Through our senses, our gratitude and Presence, we experience the truth of prayer.


So, does prayer make your food taste better? Does it make you a better person, to say all your prayers?

Nah. It really doesn’t. If a child asks you something like that one day, honor their emerging soul. See them for who they are and listen. They are our teachers.

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