New Moon in Virgo ☾ 9.9.18


Earthy● Flexible● Feminine

Virgo is the master decider of what stays and what goes.

First of all this is a notable lunation cycle. It is the first since the eclipse window closed. Eclipses are undoubtably the big shuffle of our year bringing in all the confusion and not a lot of stability. The astro is notably different now! We are now in a trajectory of making things land. Astrologically speaking, here's our fresh practical start.  

Virgo takes us through the end of summer and helps bring in Fall. Transitional signs like Virgo are called mutable signs because they are adaptable and help to change the seasons.

Flexible yet grounded.. this is my favorite. I imagine the leaves changing colors in preparation for their own fall. You could say Virgo has impeccable timing and the best discernment skills in the scope of the zodiac. You could also say it's just nature and Virgo has nothing to do with it. Either way it's still Virgo season. And astrological language lends us a way to innerstand the nature of existing here. 

A bit about the moon and it's cycles.. New moons represent beginnings. Because the moon belongs to this planet, knowing the lunar cycles helps us gain insight into our earth-hood rhythms. I find it extremely helpful. Being in our humanness and embracing it is hard enough, and as this tool continues to get a lot of buzz (either misunderstandings or hype) remember to be Virgo (mutable and earthly) and focus on discernment. All things we choose and tools we use aid us or hinder us in the integrations and healings of ourselves. Practical Magic ⭐︎ Yes please. I see the Virgo new moon teaching me something practical about my personal cosmic changes.

Those ideas and opportunities that keep forming into consciousness and won't back down, well they have the power and potential to land. More power than they've had in quite awhile. Trust your timing and subtly shift like the leaf changing colors. We too change in preparation of the dreams that will land.  


astrologyMelissa Lago