In Your Mystery

It’s been written that the kingdom of God is within. Why not try it out.. Be brave and seek out the mysteries of You. Do this with absolute certainty that you will receive exactly what you need, in your own way. Reach for your cosmic wisdom and inner knowing that you are exactly enough, unfolding humbly in your own time. Don’t just ask for answers. Expect them! Know that in the magic of creating worlds, there is huge possibility in merging heaven with earth. And human with Spirit. As the bird touches low on the ground, it also soars high in the skies, living on both planes just like you. 

So command your truth in the stars to shine through you with clarity. Guiding you brightly and unapologetically. This is for certain: Life shows up when You show up. While watching the dance of 'as above so below’, You can rest high on the peak of your own unique climb, knowing good and well your participation landed you there. Sit silently on your mountain and in your mystery. Remaining open and aware. Consider that maybe You were actually just gathering up your own sparkling pieces on your journey to arrive in this moment of wholeness. Maybe this is the key and you’d been holding it all along.

kidsMelissa Lago