Relationships Change ● Venus/Uranus (Venus Rx Oct 6 - Nov 16)

Intensely and radically, internally and externally. Relationships change with Self and with Others.

This is a time of returning to relational depth and balance.

Think of the symbol for Venus ♀︎ as a hand mirror. Relational change happens by examining our personal values. As an inner-planet, Venus moves quickly within it’s orbit but goes into a 40 day retrograde motion in October. This is a long time in Scorpio! It will cross through Scorpio and land back into Libra and station direct in November.

During some of this time, October 30th being a peak date, Venus is opposing Uranus exactly. The retrograde of Venus is influenced with Uranus’ individuation/radical change/newness themes. This is important because we all want to be our own unique selves, to be different as well as loved by another.

Here are some relatable words.

Can I love someone else if I don’t love myself?

We are in relationships all over the place (familial, frendly, romantic, marriage) And we don’t know who’s who or what’s what. We’re just doing what we were taught was “right.” A lot of the relationships we attract have qualities we have suppressed within ourselves, It’s the nature of projection. This includes a full range from abuse to mediocre friendships that aren’t necessarily working any more.

Choose to hold your mirror to your face because You come first.

This time will support us in getting real about who and what we truly love and will support. Who we are and what we truly love, matters. The things that keeps us small or suck us dry can’t stay. Likes and dislikes, values and self love. Scorpio can take on duality very seriously.

Metaphorically, Venus is taking superficiality to it's death. All the ways we try and be nice and proper, to please others, will be torn down (however it can be in your reality) by the time this transit is fully finished. And all the ways we let love in (or don’t let love in) will be scrutinized by Venus’ touch. Nothing comes out of Scorpio unchanged.

I think this movement is fantastic but it’s also bound to amp up the change which can be scary. Relationships give us mirrors into ourselves.... and remember that Venus is our personal hand mirror ♀︎ We could all use a deeper look at self-love and personal boundaries and acceptance. This of course happens externally by observing how we feel and who we are with our people.

To use this astrology it is wise to set an intention around getting clear about what your relationships need to thrive. What you need to thrive. This is what self discovery is.

I'm in important relationships therefore it’s my responsibility to understand what is truly important to me. We can all learn something from real seduction which is an offering relativeness, "I see you and can receive you BUT only in the ways I'm comfortable with… which are XY and Z.” You see, exchanging love with truth and depth is possible. There’s really no need to settle for anything less.

Get real about what you want. Dive deep into who you are and be open to the change that comes.

astrologyMelissa Lago