Learning Your Chart Without a Birth Time



In astrology you'll find that birth time is important, like very in terms of accuracy. I do not give readings to people who can't find their exact time of birth, yet some astrologers have it figured out. I personally have little experience in it. I want to make a few points about birth info and the self study I offer on my site.

If you are drawn to this topic of study, but do not have your time of birth, then please listen up.

It’s very common to not have a time of birth. Go to your site of choice to print your chart (mine are Astro.com and Astro-charts.com.) When you come to the houses portion in my workbook or in reviewing any information on the zodiac houses, remember the houses will not be pertinent to learning your chart without having the time.  So yes you can learn the houses but you cannot apply them to your personal chart. 

Secondly I will suggest grabbing the chart of a loved one, such as a child or spouse to use. Someone famous that you find interesting who has their birth info public, is a great place to start as well. 

Another route taken is learning about the energy of the day, or a specific event like say your wedding day. Though this is a relatively vague thing to teach, some people can tune into the day's energies, and relate it back to an astrological meaning by using the my workbook or any other astrology references that you see fit. 

Whatever you do, try not to count on "because Mama said so" being accurate.  Unless she was into astrology... then of course she knows

In conclusion when interpreting a chart with out an accurate birth time, drop the Zodiac houses and focus on the insane amount of knowledge you'll learn just by studying planets and their signs, rulerships, and elements. Those alone will keep you busy.

These are just my personal suggestions to guide you along the way, especially if you’re new. Though If you must use an incorrect birth time then go on with your bad self. We can still work together, but please do let me know.

astrologyMaya Night