Becoming a student of life

how i went from being a troubled teen of a traumatic, religious upbringing to finding the tool that showed me who i truly was 


my story

I remember the day I died my hair purple. The preacher shook my hand as I walked into my small-town church in South Carolina and I saw it in his eyes. Judgement. The daughter of drug-addicted parents, I was a lost soul to him and he was right. I was intuitive, spiritual, unique, and wise, yet I was seen as the wild one, the pretty girl, the up-to-no-good kid.

I also remember crying when Jesus came into my heart, but who wouldn’t be moved deeply with all of that attention and recognition pouring over from the church and family.  This was an odd emotional place, it was like I'd been accepted into the good kids club.  My desire for unconditional acceptance and my love for spirituality left me passively going through the motions at church. Religion felt strange, forced, and limited… I just knew there was more.

Due to a traumatic upbringing and living in an unstable environment until the age of three, I had no self-aware experiences and very little identity. Yet, I continued to follow the glimmers of my unique interests and ideas wherever the led.

One day, I wound up in a Denver bookstore called the 12th House. Sitting in the chair for my first astrology reading, I was so nervous and anxious. The man across from me revealed things I’d never noticed about myself. “You don’t even have your feet planted on the ground,” he said to me, “Some children are born knowing what they want but you just took whatever was given to you. You're not in-touch with yourself just yet but looks like you'll work hard to figure it out.” And I did... I was captivated with this new information. It woke me up, and for the first time in my life I felt understood and validated. 

With each passing session, I learned more and more. I began getting to know Me and experiencing what this life was truly about. Immediately, I met my therapist of ten years as well as my astrology teachers with whom I have truly redefined my understanding of positive relationships.

I look back at my story now, 12 years later, with the illumination of my chart and it all makes perfect sense. I have compassion and appreciation for my challenges and obstacles and I’ve gained much wisdom through all of my life experiences. Everyday I become more clear and am grateful to all of my teachers.

I now want to offer this system to you, as your astrology guide.




Is Astrology a religion?

No. There's no worshiping, idolization of deity, or belief involved with Astrology. And although it's logical and practical, mythologies and archetypes are still quite useful in this work. 

Why Would i look to astrology?

Because the natal chart is your personal map. A guide and diagram from a non-biased, cosmic perspective. My question is why would you not look to Astrology?

Isn't Astrology just superstition?

People are superstitious, but astrology is a tool.  Someone I know once said "Is a really sharp knife good or bad? Neither!" Same concept goes for Astrology.