studying together is simple.

all that is required? a desire to learn.

If you want answers handed to you, I am not the astrologer for you. If you want to uncover a new system for being and existing in this world, I can't wait to show you how!


melissa's Offerings 


astral orientation

An Overview of Your Chart to Help You See Yourself in a Different Way



Study Session

Enhance Your Understanding of Your Chart & All Things Astro



Astro-Guidance course

6 Weeks of 1-on-1 Study With Melissa to Embody Your Intuitive Astro Self

(6) 60-Minute Calls


1-on-1 Astro Guidance Course


With 6 live calls, this astrology coaching series will empower you to read your chart on your own and move forward with clarity in your job, relationships, and life.

in the calls, You Will Learn


 What The signs represent

Who You Are & What You Need To Thrive


WhERE The Houses Work

A Map That Will Guide You Forward


How The Aspects connect

What Needs To Move & Shift For Your Growth


Why It Matters

Find Your Way To Purpose & Joy


find a path forward with any issue in your life.


Clarity is possible. You have your answers and together, we will find your own guidance based on the incredible chart that is a reflection of your life.

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